Noreen Renier 2023 Review & Update. In claiming she wrote the books A Mind For Murder and The Practical Psychic, psychic actress and author Noreen Renier misleads. Both of these highly sensationalized fiction novels were principally written by others. Most TV viewers are unaware that six U.S. federal court judges have issued five severe rulings against Noreen Renier since 2006 as documented below. Noreen Renier's lack of credibility is cited here with 26 quotes from constables, police, an FBI official, U.S. federal judges, investigators, and eye-witnesses. True crime mystery promoter Noreen Renier is a professional actress faking police hired case work. Based on her documented history of bogus claims since 1980 Noreen Renier only fakes paranormal abilities. Her books, studio films, TV shows, websites, and newsletters are a clever blend of exaggeration and fiction. They are scripted by ghost writers with carefree accuracy and highly embellished story telling. As fiction they entertain, but as Noreen Renier pretends they are real, readers should realize they are just buying bogus charades.

Portraying herself as a TV spirit medium making contact with the dead, Noreen Renier claims hundreds of cases "when I was paid and hired by the police." Not true. Instead researchers and law officers have indicated Noreen Renier lies and/or distorts. Many are cited below. The evidence is that at least 485 of 491 of Noreen Renier's "hired by police" cases are 100% bogus and others whopping exaggerations. In 2023 several researchers suspect her bogus police hirings may be near 997 in count. Noreen Renier also doesn't pay her debts. In her most recent bankruptcy filings Noreen Renier hid more than $100,000.00 in unreported income (from an estimated amount exceeding $270,000 in 2012). One federal judge announced she had misled the bankruptcy court. The hidden funds included money (typically in amounts $1000 and larger) she had charged to missing person families. Yet actress Noreen Renier has an absolute zero success rate finding missing persons --- unless you believe her TV scripts. An FBI officer stated in court that Noreen Renier's claim of working for the FBI "is not true. …she does not work on F.B.I. cases. . . .She never really worked for the F.B.I.” Noreen Renier pushes fake cases, fake credentials, deceptions, and paranormal fraud. Since 1981, and with bold cruelty this "psychic detective for hire" has preyed on missing person families with lost children.

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“...the record before the court shows that its impossible that Ms. Renier breached the [Florida State court] agreement in this case without some level of fault.  She knew or should have known of the agreement, and breached it nonetheless. . . The court rejects Ms. Renier's claim that she did not breach the Settlement Agreement because her statements in [her book] A Mind for Murder are, according to her, true."
-Washington United States District judge James Robart who ordered judgments against Renier in 2006 and 2007, and also ordered Renier to pay more than $41,000.00 to her principal critic.  

The July/August 2017 issue of a CSI publication (with a worldwide base of over 25,000 subscribers), offers a 4-page article by Dr. Gary Posner, M.D.   It's titled ‘Psychic Detective’ Noreen Renier: The Grinch Who Stole Christmas from a Grieving Family. His writing explains audio recordings the Halifax (Nova Scotia) Regional Police made while interviewing Noreen Renier. It’s clear from these police recordings that Noreen Renier never aided in finding 19-year old Halifax student Kimberly McAndrew. Instead the tapes reveal she's either delusional or a fraud without shame when claiming she contacts the dead and missing.  It’s clear she's not the “super psychic detective” she markets herself as. She pushes on the desperate her by-telephone medium readings to find their lost persons at $20 a minute. She charged one family $1000 for about 25 minutes. That works out to about $40 a minute! But like the recordings examined here they were just scattered mumbo jumbo. As the Grinch who stole Christmas, Noreen Renier assures Halifax Police Constable David MacDonald that her assistance is going to bring the McAndrew family and the police a Christmas reward --- “You’ll, you’ll, you’ll, you’ll find her before Christmas. ... A nice Christmas present for everybody.”  But as Dr. Gary Posner writes “Christmas never arrived that year for the grieving McAndrew family, nor has it in the two decades since.” This 2017 profile is just one of dozens based on police recordings that reveal the vast deceptions throughout TV videos and fake news clips created by Noreen Renier and her global studios.

-Reference the 4-page article and audio transcripts at

Mick Hoyt, Galveston, Texas
“Hopefully people will take the time to review the facts and uncover for themselves her delusional fiction in her books A Mind For Murder and The Practical Psychic. The more you know about her claims the more you realize she fools people. Mrs. Renier has had six United States federal court judges rule against her since 2006. One judge ruled she had to pay a victim thousands of dollars in restitution. To insure that happened the judge appointed a Court Trustee who collected funds from court-ordered sales of her assets. There are millions of global TV viewers, audience members, and readers worldwide who have been deceived by Noreen Renier. But more tragic are hundreds of missing person families who paid for psychic readings by Noreen Renier to find their missing children. Noreen Renier took their money and led them astray.”
–Ariane Stevens, Halifax, Nova Scotia

"Lady Noreen Renier a police psychic to find the missing? Nah. Like all of us in the in the Circle she talks with the dead and senses the missing and murdered. Well of course not silly! But she's made more money than lots of us in the Circle. [She was] top of her game until the skeptics found her out. Discovered her faked TV videos. Is she a psychic at all? No charm there either. Noreen pushed her own fake police evidence like blood splattered weapons and shirts. Pretended that they were from crime cases she was working on. She charmed that con across TV and pocketed about 100,000 and got a big flaunt. Got her a couple more years of new phone clients. All of 'em believed she was charmed and worked with constables and police. Here, there, and everywhere. Says she pocketed another half a million riding that fly-up. Up, up and away she flies. And not a college teacher nor French as she pretends. Didn't even finish 10 years of schooling the skeptics say. By her own words her best waddle was to claim her witness for men who died in a battle was a maple tree. An old maple tree standing in the dirt telling her to put out her cigarette 'cause it feared fire! A tree! By her own word! A psychic who talks to trees? She lies, big lies, little lies. Loves attention."
-Edited after sixth phone interview on October 14, 2018 and edited with permission from Faith D. Mobley, Aberdeen, Scotland  

“Great Britain based research members in Oxford, Cambridge, Carlisle, and Birmingham all independently examined Noreen Renier's court testimony and public claims. We were tasked with examining her claims of achieving excellent paranormal results during five years of testing. As a team we now agree she is not credible as the tests, results, and lengths of testing she claims are bogus or never existed. We found only one accredited academic center which publicly documented the actual testing of Noreen Renier. This was an American campus she failed to list during testimony and is not among those listed on her 2015 web pages. That testing, which she approved beforehand as being fair and accurate, was provided at Southern Oregon College (U.S.A). We verified with original researchers that her scores were all below random chance levels and not as she claimed "quite high" across all tests. Among all of the colleges and universities where she claims she was extensively tested not one institute supports her paranormal claims. Several including the University of Oregon and Duke University (both in the U.S.A.) confirmed that the researchers, testing facilities, and research she describes have never existed."
- Nicole Clarke, Principal Investigator, Hafnarfjörður, Iceland.

“We confirmed Mrs. Renier's original press run of near 42,500 books of A Mind For Murder was halted by Berkley Books, (a division of Penguin Books). An attorney for Penguin Books declared before a Washington court judge that they "immediately halted" printing after receiving a legal complaint. That complaint stated that Noreen Renier had breached a Florida State court settlement agreement. About a year later a smaller U.S. publisher re-issued the book with entire chapters removed . Sales of the Noreen Renier labeled books A Mind for Murder and The Practical Psychic have rapidly declined from 2010 to 2022. The name of the principal author of the A Mind For Murder book, Naomi Lucks, has disappeared entirely on and in all secondary editions since 2012. Ms. Luck was "shocked" that Noreen Renier included dozens of bogus claims that ultimately resulted in Renier's losses in four different U.S. federal courts. Noreen Renier was forced by one federal judge to pay thousands of dollars to a principal critic for creating passages in the book A Mind For Murder originally published by Penguin Books. Penguin Books has never printed or reprinted another book by Noreen Renier. Apparently they too were as blindsided along with Renier's principal author with fiction masquerading as fact. Asked if Noreen Renier in 2018 is worthy of being called a true crime book author, or even author, I'd say no. She has conjured up fictional events and had others promote them as real. In the past Noreen Renier would then push $20 a minute telephone readings on true crime book readers and lecture attendees. One researcher speculated Renier earned as much as $20,000 off small gatherings where she met future clients as a guest speaker in public settings, including libraries. Psychic actress Noreen Renier on her own website posts deceptions even in 2022 and has repeatedly showcased bogus "police evidence" for TV and lecture appearances. She then showcases it as real and starts the cycle again."
-Liam McFarland, Montreal, Canada, and edited with updates in January 2022.

“The overwhelming problem with Renier’s case is that this court did not find her … to be a credible witness. There are reasons for this conclusion, beyond her demeanor. First, she misled the court when she indicated that she intended to abide by [a directive] order. … Renier stood not five feet away [from this bench] and agreed to abide. … Her [later] testimony … evidences that she did not intend at any time to abide by the memorialization of the court’s words."
- United States federal Judge William E. Anderson in ruling against Noreen Renier on March 21, 2011.

[From court testimony during a cross-examination, an F.B.I. Special Agent was asked to describe the circumstances that caused him to reprimand Noreen Renier for using exaggeration in her association with the F.B.I. The first question asked by the attorney was “Ms. Renier indicated in her promotion material that she worked as a psychic detective for the FBI in criminal investigations. To your knowledge is that true?]

“A psychic detective for the F.B.I.? The only thing I can say about that is it is not true. …she does not work on F.B.I. cases. . . .She never really worked for the F.B.I.”
–The late Robert Ressler (who died in 2013), during testimony while he was an F.B.I. Special Agent working at the F.B.I. Behavioral Science Unit of the F.B.I. Academy.

“As early as 1986 a United States member of the National Council Against Health Fraud testified that Noreen Renier was a fraud and a charlatan. Though that man lost his initial court battle with Mrs. Renier, over the past decade he's independently and apart from the NCAHF won court rulings against Renier. Those include rulings against her in four different U.S. federal courts sweeping across the United States from Seattle to Richmond, Virginia. The last court to rule in his favor was immediately under the U.S. Supreme Court. That court in 2012 was presented with a 69-page brief from Mrs. Renier's attorney, and a simple 8-page brief by the critic's lawyer. The court then allowed both attorneys to give oral arguments. Within just minutes all three federal judges who joined in hearing the case critically belittled Mrs. Renier's urgings. And all three judges unanimously ordered yet another ruling against Mrs. Renier and in favor of this critic from her past. Yet Mrs. Renier hasn't just ignored mentioning these federal court losses on her website. She's had thousands of dollars from her book royalties and thousands more from the sale of her assets collected by a U.S. Court Trustee. The Court then handed those over to the very man who said Noreen Renier was a fraud and charlatan in 1985."
- Nicholas Walker, Orlando, Florida (U.S.A) researcher   

“A book authored by Noreen Renier and published in France is titled ‘Medium: Enquetrice pour le F.B.I.’ (Noreen Renier: Medium Investigator for the F.B.I.) and the book’s cover displays the official F.B.I. seal without F.B.I. authorization to do so. The F.B.I. does not allow its seal to be used for such commercial purposes. And as Noreen Renier is not, and has never been an investigator for the F.B.I., the book’s cover (and many of its passages) are deceptive. Her book’s cover adds further false links by showing an official U.S. Department of Justice - F.B.I. investigator’s clothing badge. None was never issued, nor will ever be issued, to Noreen Renier.”
–Nicolas Rousseau, Nanterre, France.
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“What she told police officers and what she’d tell reporters never matched. I heard her ramble on [with nonsense] a couple times. She’d stroll in and want everybody to pay attention. She’d bring a bottle of red wine and drink until she was leaning back and pretty [stoned]. A couple days later she’d be telling reporters crap that she’s working with police. She’s an attention getter, but it's all ramblings. She wasn’t psychic alongside police. She was sauced.”
– Glenn Weatherholtz, Sheriff of Rockingham County and City of Harrisburg, Virginia.

“Mrs. Renier is on record as having worked on "over 400", "over 600" and “over 700 cases” of which she has claimed 70% were direct hirings by law enforcement agencies. She’s been asked repeatedly to provide the names of even 25 such police agencies over the past 40 years. Any agencies who have hired her directly anywhere in the world. But she’s refused to do so. Such hirings must be on public records for all of these agencies for both security and public tax / expenditures reviews. Our group [not part of the GNR funding project] spent two years questioning GSG 9 officials, the F.B.I., the Metropolitan Police Service (“Scotland Yard”), the French Police Nationale RAID, the New York Police Department, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, the Los Angeles Police Department, all 50 different United States State Police agencies, and even local public law enforcement agencies where Noreen Renier lived for more than 10 years. Not a single one has ever solicited her as a hire on any official investigative case. Nor have they ever requested her services. We have reached the conclusion that rather than having (based on her own 70% police hiring figure) at least 490 police agency hirings, she may have zero, one, or possibly four if one includes payments from township and small agencies that have closed. She isn’t a truthful police psychic detective. Her police hired cases are only imagination and TV fiction.”
– Kevin Paul, New York City."

“Having had the benefit of oral argument, and having carefully reviewed the briefs, record, and controlling legal authorities, we agree with the district court’s analysis as set forth in it’s well-reasoned opinion.”
-Federal Circuit Court judges James Harvie Wilkinson III and Andre Davis, and Senior Circuit Judge Clyde Hamilton in their judgment order (Renier's second appeal rejection) rendered against Noreen Renier and issued April 18, 2012 by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit [a court immediately under the U.S. Supreme Court]. Their order kept in place an earlier 2011 federal court judgment which found Noreen Renier not credible and having misled a United States federal court.

“I’ve been asked if we use or have used Noreen Renier, a resident in our community [for about 20 years] who has identified herself as a police psychic investigator. We do not and will not use her or her services. I would recommend police departments depend on investigations and scientific investigations --- I’ll leave it at that.”
–Lieutenant J.W. Gibson of the Charlottesville Police Department, Virginia, United States

“In 2006 Noreen Renier told two reporters and an interviewer that she was working for many police on many regional and international cases. Yet at the same time she was claiming in her United States bankruptcy filings in the years her income was under review (including 2006) that she was never paid by any law enforcement agency. During 2005-2009 her website stated a $1000 police agency fee per booking. So for about 500 hired police cases out of a total of 700, her income should have been near $500,000.00 from just hirings by police. But instead she claimed zero and just $484 per month in income in 2006 ($6371 for the entire 2006 year!) on her filing. Nothing from police. So which is true? Her statements in court under oath or what she was telling reporters and the public? Or was she untrue on both? ”
–Jack Ramsey, Perth, Western Australia.

“I’ve lived in Gardner [Massachusetts, USA] all my life. . . I was working the night of the night of the airplane crash which is noted in the book by Noreen Renier. The plane crashed in a swamp and forested area about 2700’ south of the runway.  [GNR note: Noreen Renier claimed that “I found the plane and the bodies” and testified that she was “instrumental in finding the plane” telling court jurors she visioned one survivor helping another.]  It was not Noreen Renier but local Gardner residents Carl Wilber and his daughter Cheryl who found and led police to the plane. The plane that night essentially crashed in their backyard. There are no records that [Renier] contacted anyone in authority about the crash. And the authority for reporting such a crash is under dual reporting to us and the Templeton Police department as the airport covers both. There is nothing here [which lists Noreen Renier] on our records and Police Chief [David] Whitaker [with the Templeton Police] also found no listings from or about Renier at the time of the crash or until 20 years later when we heard from John Merrell that she was claiming to have found the plane. And we knew for a fact just minutes after the crash that the site wasn’t in New Hampshire [as Renier claimed] as its more than 10 miles further north.”
-Detective Lieutenant Gerald Poirier, of the Gardner, Massachusetts, Police Department, and also Commander of the North Worcester County Drug Task Force.

Noreen Renier, Airplane crash case
“She [Noreen Renier] hasn't a clue what happened, and how she can go out and say all those things [about finding a lost and crashed plane] when she wasn't even there. I don’t think she got anything right . . . She's making money on this and including my name . . . and I don't like people lying."
-Carl Wilber, Gardner, Massachusetts, who according to all four of the responsible Massachusetts police agencies is credited with finding the plane along with his daughter Cheryl. Neither he nor his daughter had ever heard of Noreen Renier until John Merrell interviewed them.

“It makes me feel terrible that somebody took advantage of the situation and nobody even bothered to call us. She [Renier] made up a lot of stuff.”
–Cheryl Wilber, Gardner, Massachusetts

“There is no way she [Noreen Renier] had anything to do with finding the plane. . . there is no way she could have. I don't think about the crash every day but when I do I know from the bottom of my heart that what came out was not the entire story. There wasn't real openness and honesty, it was like a murky cloud covering everything."
-Cricket Johnson, actual eye-witness to the airplane crash near the Gardner Airport.

“A newspaper story reported that search parties attempting to find the crashed plane ‘were hampered by snow over a foot deep in some areas. Some searchers walking in the snow fell into water up to their chests as they combed the wooded and swampy areas southwest of the airport.’ Those volunteers went through snow. They went through a swamp. They went through a heavily wooded area to find that plane. And Ms. Renier has the nerve to sit here on the stand and tell you and I that she, while sitting in a comfortable house in Virginia, found that plane.”
–Attorney Roxie Cuellar representing Noreen Renier critic John Merrell in 1986. Attorney Cuellar presented facts that were confirmed as ‘keenly accurate and on-the-mark” by GNR researchers in 2014.

“But [new discoveries of Renier’s] Watergate-worthy doctoring [of her claims in finding the missing plane], one of the most famous and vouched for in Noreen Renier's storied career -- should resign her to the fact that she has handed the world a sword, and that her credibility has now been unequivocally and forevermore impeached.”
–Dr. Gary Posner, founder of the Tampa Bay Skeptics, Tampa, Florida, United States

“You may have seen me on TV as a constable working with Noreen Renier on a murder case at a crime lab. I was Assistant Chief Constable Alex Thompson though I wasn’t named. That’s because a TV producer gave me the name to help me feel comfortable acting as a detective. The police lab portrayed on TV as in America was really inside a filming studio in Warsaw, Poland. Noreen Renier wasn’t there and the language(s) heard were dubbed in later depending on where the show is broadcast. I didn’t know about Noreen Renier until a friend said he saw me on TV helping her solve a case. They just edited my segment into others. I was never told I was to be an actor playing a detective to make another actress playing a psychic appear to be real.”
–Krystian Truchan, Marki, Poland

As a news reporter I saw Noreen Renier squirm and howl out visions of murders and crimes from about 1980 through 2002. Several times I happened to be at a city hall, courthouse, or calling on police officials during one of her visits. Her drop-by's I witnessed were unannounced [and unsolicited], yet she’d quickly become the center of attention. Surrounding officers knew that she was divorced and enjoyed a good time. Her moves, talk, and attire emphasized it. From 1980 her stomping ground was a 30 mile circle with Charlottesville [Virginia] dead center. She took in every township pocket where there were only a handful of officers. Though she'd ventured to Norfolk or Hampton in good weather she spent most of her time close by. Yes, she'd was good at spinning psychic tales on late night AM radio and linking up with small town newspapers. She used police to promote herself for free and then draw clients across Virginia. Sheriff [and police] officers told me her walk-in visits were always timed late in the day and always with a bottle of wine or liquor in hand.  After an hour or two sipping and spewing visions about the latest crime or murder she’d often end the night driving off with a police officer.  Twice I was present when she'd had too much to drink and was literally picked up and carried off by an officer. She'd was crying that she needed "strong arms around her" to help make her shocking visions go away. The next day apparently she’d be fine and on to the next town. I found her risqué, entertaining, and completely delusional. Yet there were many officers with a spare bottle of liquor ready whenever she made a visit.
-Dave Mitchell, Houston, Texas

[GNR note: Noreen Renier in her book A Mind For Murder on page 58 of her 2008 edition confirms drinking straight Scotch during questioning of a murder suspect at the Hampton Police Department. Multiple law enforcement offices have confirmed she consumed "red wine" and/or "alcohol" while in their offices and was not legally sober to drive when leaving their offices.
Noreen Renier at Williston Police Department photo 1
Noreen Renier at Williston Police Department photo 2
These are highly unusual allowances for citizens in a law enforcement complex who wish to provide information before officers and suspects. Medium Noreen Renier has repeatedly referenced consuming spirits before visioning spirits of a different kind to contact the dead. In her same book on page 11 she wrote as a "psychic-in-residence. . .  . . .  I decided to go for the sexy, mysterious angle, and bought an expensive-looking gypsy outfit: a thin, off-the-shoulder blouse tucked into a tight waist-cinched Kelley green satin skirt, and voluminous purple petticoats that rustled when I walked." The two photos shown here were taken from a police video from the Williston Police Department (Williston, Florida, U.S.A.), and secured under the Florida Public Records Act by an attorney. A GNR team concluded that by even before the end of the interview Noreen Renier at a weight of 50 kg would have been legally drunk. That is based on a .08 blood alcohol content under Florida state law. We calculated the wine glass and its contents at a minimum of 12 U.S. fluid ounces (.354 Liter) over the full length of interview time period based on an average "red wine." The video shows the contents dropping and being refilled at least once. This is just one of five references we obtained of Noreen Renier becoming intoxicated during her actual police reporting. In this case "visions" that she furnished while drunk to the Williston Police were found by an independent researcher not to have been so amazing as she claims. A summary of that research can be found at
-Burt Kendall, GNR fact checker]

I'm aware Noreen Renier has linked herself to "more than hundreds" of police agency hirings and agree these cases and hirings never existed.  I also agree with your summaries and your materials are spot on. The quotes you've assigned to me are also accurate.  I recognize the cases in the video clips but none of them ever moved forward due to Noreen. With no reservations I confirm she was legally drunk when providing her visions on #1, 4, and 5.  And the offices that were in charge of those cases weren't big enough to have detectives much less a forensic team. All of those lack resources to solve any serious crimes themselves. Two of the "agencies" she talks about were only two guys in total and they spent their hours issuing speeding tickets to pay their salaries. All of her 'detectives' spent their jobs in small counties covering a few thousand residents. . . . One day something odd happened and these characters decide to phone a woman who stopped by regularly and saw images of the dead in a victims hair comb. Her 80% accuracy in her visions is a farce unless that's at least 80% wrong guessing. She tied herself to a dozen over-sexed men about as likely as a head of lettuce to solve a missing person case or understand a real crime scene. None would last 30 seconds as officers in any other law enforcement agency. They are traffic cops well out of their league.  No forensic team of any merit ever hired her or had her on a case. If she'd claimed ten hirings by a public law enforcement office she'd be lying. I agree her 'more than hundreds' is a sham or evidence she's delusional.
-Retired Virginia (U.S.A.) based senior detective at a major public law enforcement agency. [Name and prior rank withheld as a request but verified by GNR researchers]

"Noreen had a long ride entertaining in lounges and bars. Back in the 70's she ran a dinner theater in Orlando [Florida, U.S.A]. It was a sloppy joint called Once Upon A Stage. When she moved to Virginia she started up her own stage show she spotted as Once Again Noreen. I got back to Virginia myself and acted with her at the Barboursville playhouse, but then she opened up with another night club act. It was pretty sexy but she didn't make any money at it. She dropped the food but kept working on a combo of liquor, acting, and taking people's money. She's done herself well after she stopped saying she was an actress and played the psychic role."
-Bill Swanson.

[The events described by Mr. Swanson were confirmed by researchers who were shown an interview with Mrs. Renier from 1981 by newspaper reporter Darrell Laurant. Mr. Laurant wrote that Noreen Renier "opened, of all things, a night club act." Greg Thompson, a Gordonsville former actor confirmed that Mrs. Renier also did solo performances at the Four County Player Playhouse and in the old '12 o'clock High' Theatre. He stated "She had looks and isn't stupid. She could fool anyone if she wanted to commit a murder. And she could start crying in a split second. It was simply amazing. In two seconds she could be in tears and then stop and smile. She used to drive us crazy by doing something and then pretending she'd never done it. She's big on attention but anytime she's caught in the act she goes into her 'I'm really bad about remembering things' act. I'm not surprised she's pushing psychic stories. There's plenty of wobble room there and that's the way she likes it."]

"I can be anyone. The victim. The perpetrator. An observer. I'll play each of them out. I can be all of them, one perspective at a time. . . .There's no emotion and I don't have any recall afterward."
-Noreen Renier.

[Note: On September 30, 2007 Dr. Pamela Health, M.D. of Frederick, Maryland (U.S.A.) posted the statement above from an interview she conducted with Noreen Renier on September 30, 2007. More recently Mrs. Renier stated 'Skepticism is healthy - everyone should have it.  What annoys me is when people try to debunk me without listening to the facts."