TV spirit psychic Noreen Renier is an actress posing as a missing person psychic detective and medium. For decades Noreen Renier has faked hundreds of U.S. police hirings and cases. She's even fabricated phony blood splattered murder weapons she claimed were real police evidence. At 81 years old Noreen Renier now misleads the naive on web forums and by using her phone to reach clients from her Orlando Florida base. Many of her "police" endorsement videos on You Tube have been actors playing TV make-believe. In reality, U.S. federal courts, judges, police, and eye-witnesses have stated true crime author Noreen Renier isn't credible.
Noreen Renier, Spirit Psychic, Detective, A Mind For Murder, Police

Born in 1937, Noreen Renier turned 81 on January 16, 2018, with the photos above spanning her last 50 years. This site covers the years 1980-2018 and offers proof that Noreen Renier has fooled millions across the world. Noreen Renier repeatedly changes her prior psychic guesswork claims to fit the final outcomes of cases solved by others. She's also created hundreds of true crime and missing persons cases that actually never happened at all. She claims police solved many cases after she assisted. But in fact hundreds of her cases never existed and therefore there were no police solving them --- just herself pretending she helped get them solved! She falsely portrays herself as being hired by hundreds of public law enforcement agencies, and as working as an FBI investigator.  This public site is the result of a worldwide team of dedicated investigators, researchers, prior Renier clients, eye-witnesses, attorneys, legal staffs, and unpaid creditors from Noreen Renier's repeated bankruptcy filings. It's our hope to counter her decades of losses and emotional damage among those she horribly misled. Including families who paid her to find their missing children. Click the options to the left to learn more. Web site support info below.

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